Thursday, May 19, 2022


I’m getting a good readership on this blog, thank you very much, and perhaps it doesn’t matter if I know to whom I’m speaking. However, I know I am talking to you. YOU. THE PERSON READING THIS RIGHT NOW. 


Out of the entire world of human beings, we landed on the same page. Isn’t that something?!


Wow, I just inspired myself.



A few minutes ago, I moved a smaller box my husband had labeled “Sharp things” from a larger box, looking for my Seagate external drive that took an excursion on its own somewhere between moving my desk from the living room, to my new office in the Wayback (An external building behind the house.) There beneath the small box was not my Seagate drive but my old coffee warmer hot spot. Ah ha. Now I have warm coffee—but still no external computer device.


The Universe works in mysterious ways.


I’ll give that drive time to reappear. In the meantime, Steven King in Steven King/On Writing admonished me to eliminate cliche’d similes, metaphors, and images. “He ran like a madman. She was pretty as a summer day, the guy was a hot ticket, Bob fought like a tiger.” 


I better check my manuscript to see if I dropped any such chestnuts. 


King says we are lazy to use them, and we haven’t done enough reading.


“Hey, King, there are only so many hours in a day.” 


You know what? All this attempting to write well, is like the Circus performer spinning plates atop poles.


And among my notes, I found this: “We observe what is, instead of creating what we want to see.”


“Reality is so compelling,” I had written, “It has so much momentum going it’s hard to stop or change its direction.


 “How do you feel? That’s the test. When you are resonating with the good, you feel good. When you focus on the dire, the dangerous, the sick, you feel down, depressed, complaining, or just off kilter.”