Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Hit The Button Before You Know the Answer

Hello Writers,


Yep, I figure you are one, being here and all. But all are welcome. Writers need readers otherwise we are just spitting in the wind.

Seth Godin (premier blogger—one post a day) said, "Hit the button before you know the answer." 


You know, in game shows, if you wait for your brain to process the answer, someone else will get there before you—cause they probably hit the button the moment the announcer finished with the question. They hadn't processed the answer either. They were just quick on the draw.


So, you hit the button and give it over to your brain to come up with the answer. If it doesn't, you lose the same as if you hadn't hit the button.


We're so afraid of making fools of ourselves. I guess school taught us to always have the correct answer, or we will be ridiculed.


I used the hit the button first process in writing my little booklet Where Tiger's Belch.


After reading The Alchemist and wondering how it became a classic for 20 years and why it resonated so with people, I decided that people want to know their destiny. They would search the world looking for it. For me, the true gem of the book, however, was the introduction where Paulo Coelho tells of his yearning and struggle to be a writer.


Anyway, I decided to send my hero out to find her mission, the place where she would know her destiny, and that would be Where the Tiger Belches. 


I didn't know where I was going, and it was fun to see what happened next. I wrote it in installments of one chapter a month for twelve months. This week it is offered on a Kindle special promotion to read for FREE. (Don't tell me about that damn space in the middle of a sentence, I have taken it out 5 times, and it keeps appearing—guess I have a glitch somewhere.)


From Liz Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love), comes this:


When she was writing her first novel--not knowing how to write a novel, and according to her a bad one, she told the Universe, "I didn't tell you I would be a good writer, I just said I would be one. So, you need to jump in here someplace." 


Gilbert's first inclination was to put her half- novel in a drawer and leave it, then she decided, no, I will finish it. If anyone criticizes it, I can say, "Write your own damn book. At least I finished mine."


Keep at it, guys. Keep writing.




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