Friday, August 16, 2019

Jump In, The World Needs What You Have To Offer

I feel that this is an intimidate group of people, I don't know for sure, but I figure if you show up you're looking for something about blogging, and perhaps you are a writer. 

I love writers--is it because I am one? No, it's because they're engaged, they are going for their dream, they see life as an exquisite playground.

And if you want to write, declare yourself to be one. 

It took me a long time before I could say I am a writer.

For years I said, "I'm a writer like a dog is a dog. that doesn't mean I'm a good one." (I copied that, don't know where I found it, but it stuck in my craw.) 

See, I declared that I was a writer, but wouldn't say that I was any good at it.

There are writers who, instead of seeing the world and an exquisite playground, write out their dismal lives, but that's important too, it's cathartic and important to honor your own path. Just don't contemplate your own navel for so long you miss the movie that's playing in you yard, the wilderness, within your own intimate group. 

Maybe your group is a pain in the butt, but hey, you're the writer, use it. Be the observer, not the participant. They can give you fodder for the page.

What scares me is that everyone wants to write, and few want to read. People can pick up a used book for a fraction of what it cost to publish it. Few bookstores have managed to stay in business, and we go for the one-liners. We're busy, we don't set down to read a real smell-good book. #Kindle is good, there's your library in your purse or backpack. I must give them credit for keeping books alive.

Remember #Ray Bradbury said, "You don't have to burn books, just convince people not to read them."

We're here to make sure that never happens.

People must think the printed page is powerful, why else would they ever ever ever, burn a book. Witches, books, people have been cuckoo.

But we're here aren't we--you reading, me writing? And I said I wouldn't post on this site anymore. That was the other day. Today is a fresh new day.

I read the other day that now the Internet is like #Real Estate, we all want a piece of it. In the old West they fought over #water rights, now it's #Internet space. 

What a difference a hundred years makes.

You exist on this planet, you deserve a piece of it, and the world needs what you have to offer.
Let's hear it!

Yesterday I posted on
See ya on the page.
Love ya, Jo 
Let me hear from you, somehow I feel there is a group out there that need to meet each other.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Thank You

I don't want to abandon anyone who shows up here, but this site is not well attended.  

HOWEVER I blog regularly and I'm fascinated by writers and blogging, and those who want to learn more about it--including me.

So I encourage you to visit my other sites. https:/ A portion of that site is dedicated to writing, and it includes other subjects, Travel, Life on the Farm, my regular weekly blog, and my AhHa Blog.

There's my old standby blog that started this entire blogging rampage. It is

Take your pick, see what suits you. Let's talk.

Oh, I must not forget my book site. Please give it a look-see, it tells more of the story about our Island move, and living off the grid. 

The Frog's Song by Joyce Davis

I see it is discounted and offering free shipping. 

Thank you for visiting. You have been most gracious over the years.  I love my readers.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Ten Rules to Blog By—Read at Your Own Risk

I heard that the lions at the San Diego Zoo are so prolific that they have put IUD's in the lionesses. 

I heard that Australia is run over with rabbit, two rabbits, three, four thousand--that would keep some undergrad student busy. 

This blog has nothing to do with lions or rabbits, that was just a fact that stuck in my brain and I dislodged it onto this page. 

Blog Rule Number one: Begin with an attention getter. 
I ran across mistakes I been making blogging, not just typos and redundancies, those happen, I can't help myself, but suggestions from those super-duper bloggers who say they make six-figures blogging.  

 Is that money or doodles? 

Number Two: Post on Schedule, Not Just When You  
Feel Like It. 

I pay attention to blogging gurus only when I feel like it, for who wants to sound like everybody else? However, those smart bloggers have large audiences, and big bucks. (I have a super audience, not big numbers, but my readers are choice.) 

Regarding income, around here it's more like yesterday at the Fair, I sold one book for $10.00, bought one for $20.  

I had fun though, mainly visiting with other writers. It was a slow day. Perhaps this afternoon will pick up, today is senior day. Seniors like to read don't they? 

Regarding a schedule, I have circled around Thursdays, although I have been throwing content on my sites whenever I feel like it, now I will try to make Thursdays POST DAY.
I want you guys to count on me. 

Three, Pay Attention to SEO’s. 

It took me awhile to know what a SEO was, and I still know little, but the gist is that it is keywords that google notices. SEO = Search Engine Optimation. 

Four: Scatter Keywords throughout your post: 

Keywords? That's another thing I gave little attention. Who are we writing for, readers or google? However, I know if people don’t find you, you won’t get read. A simple fact. 

Five, Write a Good Headline. 

That’s like “Knock my socks off,” that every contest MC tells their participants--as though they aren't trying. 

And use a word from your title in your first paragraph. (That would be hard in today’s post wouldn’t it?) 

Six: Write Short Paragraphs. 

Okay, I know that. It is no longer what we learned in school, “Develop your paragraphs.” Now the rule of thumb is to write only one or two sentences per paragraph. It does make for easier reading on line. People are busy, they read fast. We want to make it easy for them. 

Seven: Use Contractions. 

I have to laugh at Royal Caribbean, their monitors would mark-down their email responders for using contractions. I guess they wanted to sound formal. But emails and blogging is informal, and we ought to write as we talk. 

Eight: Write Blogs of 1,000 to 2,000 Words. 
It used to be that the ideal word count was 300 to 400 words. Now for some reason I don’t understand Google likes long blogs. (Yep, I’ve mentioned this before, it’s a peeve of mine, for I have trouble hitting 1,000 words.) People skim, but Google gives preference to long blogs. They think it makes the material sound more important. But you know me, just say it and get on with it.  

Mine usually fall under 1,000 words. Write at your own peril.  
And remember that Seth Godin write a blog daily, short posts, and he is perhaps the most popular blogger—maybe it’s because he knows what he is talking about, and has established himself and a marketing/business expert. 

Nine: Include links to Other Content on Your Site.  

We do want to make our website easy to use. 

Ten: Publish Consistently. 

I could have titled this post Blogging and IUD’s, and as I wrote that, I thought of the comedian Phyllis Diller who said her IUD opened garage doors as she drove past. 

He son said she died with a smile on her face. 

Much love from Jo