Sunday, January 30, 2022

Refurbish/ Make Better

While walking down a street in Huntington, Long Island, Billy Joel stumbled upon an old piano set out on the street to be thrown away.

Ever “The Piano Man,” Joel stands at the piano and pounds out a rag-time tune. 

 Man, that piano SANG!

To the untrained eye, that instrument was useless.

But “The Piano Man” knew better.

He said it was perfectly good—just needed a new finish and a tuning to come back to life.



I’m using Joel’s philosophy on a couple of my books, taking old worn-out content and giving it new life. 


Right now, though, I need to take a walk to stretch out my legs, but I was so anxious to tell you what I just completed that I’m writing first. 


After you’ve gone through clean-up the books and then placing them on Kindle, it’s time for cheers, not that it is so hard, but glitches happen, and formatting gets thrust into the wrong places. And for some reason (you know computers have a mind of their own), I ended up with hyphens in my words where they didn’t belong--remember-brance, exot-ic, set-tled. What the heck?


Do you do this? You and the computer get cross-wired. The computer, its programs, whatever it is, changes your formatting, as well as your font type and size, and my dear computer won until 2 A. M. this morning.


I won at 4 P.M. this afternoon.




I thought perhaps you could relate.


You can cry on my shoulder. I’m here.


A new romance book will be coming out, all new and fresh and happening in Italy. The working title is Where Destiny Leads.


If you are a writer, here is the book for you: Grab a Pen and Kick Ass by jewell d. (Me) If you don’t think I’m so hot, read the books I list within the book, They’re hot! They’re the best.


Click on the image of your choice:



If you like a romance book, check out The Girl on the Pier. The Girl on the Pier is a painting, not the heroine, but there is a hero and a heroine, and a love story, and a world-wide search, and a mystery. Why in the world were there two paintings with the same title? And why would a customer offer an exorbitant sum for one of them? And ha, I got Africa is there, and Paris--makes me drool.


Both are available on IF you have Kindle Unlimited, they are free.

I’m off for my walk, and I’m grabbing Husband Dear and dragging him along.

See ya,