Friday, July 5, 2013


Remember in the movie October Sky when the kids set off an early rocket? Instead of going straight up it hit the launch control shack.  BLOOEY! That happened a lot in the early days of rocketry.

Good thing I’m not a rocket scientist, I would have no shacks left.  Good thing too I went over my manuscript another time. Some of the formatting was screwy and where those bold words came from is as much a mystery to me as getting a long cylinder to go up instead of flipping over.

Perhaps only writers would be interested in the following. It is information I’ve have learned  about formatting for Kindle publishing. If you’re interested read below. If not stop reading.

  • DO NOT indent the first paragraph of each chapter.

  • DO NOT use the space bar for indents beyond the first paragraph. Set first line indents in your paragraph settings at .5

  • Right and left justify.

  • Do not space for chapter breaks. Insert, “Page break,” at the end of each chapter.

  • Next page, that is next chapter, space down 2 or 3 returns. Begin chapter with title centered.

  • Use 1.5 spacing.

(Most of this is not true for manuscript submissions.)