Friday, March 1, 2024

"I Found $10,000 in my Desk Drawer"


That title got my attention. Sorry, it isn’t my story. Another blogger wrote it.

His story is that he pulled out an old piece of writing, resold it, and made $10,000. Maybe it was hype, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that he motivated me.

“I have some old writing,” I said. "I have a book sitting in my drawer."  No, I have several small ebooks sitting on Amazon Kindle. There's The Frog's Song available as a real live book, published by Regal Publishing, or as a Kindle version. There's My Mother's Letters...and mine, Where Tiger's Belch, A Dog , God, & Me, and Take a Leap--all ebooks.  Hey, Ive been busy. No wonder I didn't rake leaves this fall.
They are small books, but it's time they pulled their own weight, instead of me hauling them around on my back.

 $10,000 sitting in a drawer--that's for me.
What say you? Are you a writer? I know you are a reader--because you're here. Good for you. Steven King says "If you don't have time to read, you don't have time to write." 
I don't have time to do the dishes.

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Thank you for being here.

I'm not ignoring you guys here, I am also posting on an old site, now revised, called Where Tigers Belch and Monkey's 

I wanted the title to be simply Where Tiger's Belch, but someone else got the dot com. It has a coming-soon site, so guess I'm stuck. 

I am excited to be back with The Tiger. The time I was writing it felt lighter, and I want that again.

I heard my tiger belch a long time ago, figuratively, of course. He belches exactly on the spot where you find your calling. (Until you find that spot you are wandering in the jungle as my lady does in Where The Tiger Belches.) 

Have you found that spot, where your tiger belched?

Then as Ray Bradbury said, "You jump and build your winds on the way down."

That's a scary thought. 

However, you write, you practice, you persevere until you are strong enough to declare yourself a writer, and build the opportunity to sell your work. Of course this applies to almost any endeavor.

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P.S. I was born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger. I didn't think of it until moments ago when I was writing for Where The Tiger Belches and Monkeys Howl. No wonder I went back to the Tiger.



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