Friday, April 29, 2022

Do You Ever Feel This Way?

 Like what you write is crap, and why does the world need another blogger anyway?


I am driven to write. Why? Why do I want to do this? Why do I want to continually put my heart out to be shot at?


This is my self-expression. It feeds my soul.


As Andy Warhol said, "Make art and let the world decide if they like it or not. In the meantime, make more art."

The world decided that Campbell soup cans were art.

Well, Warhol executed them well, and painting soup cans was a novel idea. His lunch was his motivation.

What is your motivation?

What do you want to write?

A novel?

Creative non-fiction?



I believe that we are creative people who need to express ourselves.

Thank you for being here. I feel I have a kindred soul on the other side of this page. How about a check-in, and tell me how you are doing? If you need a kick in the tosh to keep writing, I'll slip on my clogs. Right now, I'm in my sock feet.

I am so tickled you found me.

How about your take on this writing life?


Send a comment. It can be private if you want.