“Artists are people who are not at all interested in the facts—only in the truth. You get the facts from outside. The truth you get from inside.” --Ursula K. LeGuin

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A Punch in the Gut

I hear that people are asking Google if they can change their vote.

From whom to whom?


In times of trouble, I turn to you guys, fellow writers, or readers who would be attracted to a site such as this.


I wonder how much we as people and as writers should reveal. How honest are we? How much of our hearts do we expose? To be vulnerable means we can get hurt. Yes, there is a long history of keeping quiet lest you end up on the chopping block. 


However, if we as people do not express ourselves, what good are we? 

One reason people like our present Commander in Chief is that he lets words fall out of his mouth without giving them much thought. Basically, we know where he stands. 


However, where he stands is not the sort I would elect to the land’s highest office. 


I’m talking about basic goodness, integrity, compassion, those sorts of attributes. I’m not talking about Health care, racism, or women’s rights; I’m talking about who we are as people. If we got our act together, of course, we would take care of our people--and cure many other things too. 


If I talked about money, this site would get more attention.


I’ve heard of The Age of Aquarius ever since the play came out and didn’t know what it meant. Now I think it’s moving into a new age (although that is an emotionally tainted phrase.) What words can I use--a more enlightened state of being, letting go of being afraid of what people will think? When do we come into our own as loving, caring, compassionate human beings? Marianne Williamson tried to bring up such issues, and she was laughed at for being a kook.


Nelson Mandela has been attributed to this quote, but it was Marianne Williamson who wrote it:


 Generally, I do not write about politics but instead want to focus on uplifting thoughts, but then I fall off the wagon and want to throw a tantrum—hey, I’m not the President; I can get by with it. Oh, wait, so can he. 


In this Zero hour, before the votes are counted, I am a bit late. I think it all boils down to I didn’t think I had much power to influence. (And perhaps that is a basic fear in many people: “Do I have what it takes?”)


The idea once held that the pen was mightier than the sword has fallen into sound bites, and videos, and visuals, with propaganda running the show. No wonder we are disillusioned people. 


We feel that we, boiled down to one little person, can’t make a difference. 

However, one little rich and powerful person can change the course of a country. 


I would not vote for a man who:


1. Pledged to build a wall between our neighbors and us. (Haven’t we learned about walls? They keep people out, and people in.) 

2. Would separate children from their parents in deportation and put children in cages.

3. Who said in an interview before the election, when asked, “What could you get by with? answered: “I could grab a woman’s crotch and get by with it.” (He didn’t use the word crotch.)

4. In an interview during his Presidency, he said he could shoot someone on the street and get by with it. 

5. “Oh, yes,” he has rationalized, “I’m the President.”

6. Numerous women have come forth to say he had raped or groped them.

5. Judges women by numbers or by their looks. (Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate agent and member of The Shark Tank) said he made some comment about her breasts, and this was supposed to be during a business dealing. He commented to Heidi Klum, “You’re not a 10.”)

7. Cares little, if not at all, about the environment.

9. Has incited racism in our country.

10. Has further polarized the country.

11. Cheats at golf, and fellow players let it slide.

12. Is known to lie.

13. Panders to the rich. 

13 Allowed a foreign country to interfere with his previous election.

14 I believe he cares little about the “little guy” farmers and workers who keep this country running. HOWEVER, he wants their votes.

15 He is against mail-in ballots—saying they can be tampered with, while probably the opposite is true.

16. Has eliminated some voting boxes or made them so far away from dense areas that do not support him. (I think this has been corrected, but not by him.)

18. Has declared that he will not leave the White House.

19. Has embarrassed us to our allies overseas. Someone who had lived under a Totalitarian Regime yelled at an American Traveler, “Now you know what we have had to put up with.”


Rob Brezsny writes a column titled “Free Will Astrology” in the Eugene Weekly, punched me in the gut.


For AQUARIUS (that’s me), he wrote, 

“I’ve been writing my horoscope for a long time, and it has evolved dramatically. One aspect that hasn’t changed is that every four years, I’ve endorsed a candidate for the President of my home country, the United States. Another unchanging aspect is that I regularly reveal my progressive views about political matters. Some people who have only recently discovered my writing express dismay about this. “I don’t want politics with my horoscopes,” they complain. But the fact is, politics have permeated my horoscopes since the beginnings. Now I urge you to do what I just did. Aquarius, but in your own sphere. If there are people who are not clear about who you really are, educate them.”