“Artists are people who are not at all interested in the facts—only in the truth. You get the facts from outside. The truth you get from inside.” --Ursula K. LeGuin

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"I Write It and Take My Chances."--John Steinbeck

Hello fellow writers,

You are probably that, writers, as you have come to this blog. Thank you so much for giving this your time and attention. I am honored. However, I was wondering what to offer you.

I know I have been neglecting this site while concentrating on other blogs. 

I do love you writers, bloggers or whatever. You don’t have to be a writer to show up here, and since you are here I feel I can take you into my confidence.

While working my way through Dominika and Cedric’s course, Trailblazer. I thought I knew what I wanted, but you know how it is with INNER WORK, sometime you find things you didn’t know you wanted. I knew I wanted to blog, and to write books, but I found that another area lit a fire under me.

After taking more seminars, workshops, courses, and training programs than you can shake a stick at. (Words of my mother. Although I still don’t know what that means.) I decided to see what I had soaked up. And what’s the point if you don’t apply it, or share it?

So, I’ve been writing my own course, not to copy the others that have come before me, but my own, and to find, in the process of writing, how I can be of service to others, and how it also applies to me.

I have two sites under construction, maybe eventually I will settle into my knitch. Few people know about these sites, you are the first I have told. I’ve gotten a few hits, at random I suppose.


If you care to give them a look-see, great. No pressure, as I said, they are a work in process. If you care to give input, my email address is jewellshappytrails@gmail.com

By for now. Don’t be a stranger.