Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'll Hold the Umbrella

Well heck, I didn't write a new blog post. I was so busy with I forgot to write here.

I missed me.

I looked onto and found I didn’t write anything last week. And that was the week I decided I needed a new shorter URL to support this blog. You can tell my head has been somewhere else--like looking at properties and houses.

So, what do you want to talk about?

Writing? Yes. Blogging? Absolutely. Being happy? Oh yeah, that too. Selling your writing? Hahahaha.

You know there are a zillion people trying to tell you how to blog or what to write or to use hack headlines to get attention.

I'm not going to tell you any of those things. I going to tell you to put your butt on the chair and write from the heart and put it out there and let the world judge it. However, if you like what you have written, if you love what you are doing, keep on doing it, no matter what people say.

I love having you stop by. I love writers and all those people who put their heart on the line in their blogs.

I will post more here in a day or two. I promise.