Friday, May 1, 2015

How to Quit our Job and Move to Paradise...

I can't leave my laptop for a minute...

Well, I have put my stake in the ground as the best Damn Writer's Blog on the Block, and so far no one has challenged me.

So, if you are into blogging as I am, I have an absolute wonderful inspiring must read:

“How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get paid to Change the World,” by Jon Morrows.

While I quit my job (oh, I had a home job, I took it with me) and moved to paradise—it  sucked.

Jon's happy in his paradise, and his blog went viral.

You have to read his post—all of it.

Also, I found, after reading Morrows ebook, 52 Headline Hacks a “Cheat Sheet” for writing Blog Posts That Go Viral, I learned that “HOW TO” headlines are king. Another thing I learned, I suck at is headlines. Practice, says Morrow. Okay dokey. His ebook was free…I will pass it on and share the link on my next post.

First, read this one