Friday, October 17, 2014

Field of Dreams

 You want it wet or dry?

“Grinding it out, paying the bills and going through the motions. This is a stale, energy draining paradigm — conceived by the factory line model of work — where work is simply a means to an end; a boring, lifeless means to survive.”
—Johnathan Mead.

I have looked at this paradigm—as I believe many of you have, and wondered how in the world do we live the life of our dreams and still survive? Writers struggle with this question, and since I believe we are all creative at heart, it does not matter what one’s focus is, the desire is the same, “I want to live the life of my dreams and get paid for it.”

We all know that “Build it and they will come,” is a myth, spattered with magic as in the movie Field of Dreams.  We know it takes blood, sweat and tears.  That is one reason I love writers so much, they just don’t give up. They face rejection after rejection, and still say, “This is what I do. This is my passion.” And they keep doing it.
I have been off this site for a while, but I want all reading this to know how much I appreciate you.  I am honored to have some of your valuable time—for I feel that time is our greatest commodity. It is my deep desire that I give you something in return.
The reason I have been off site is I’ve been studying—I spent 150 hours studying for a Real Estate License, I took their exams, passed, and then waited four weeks for my fingerprinting/background check to finalize. That’s done, and now I wonder if that is really what I want to do. You see, I am one of those die-hard writers who want to write. I didn’t believe that I could get paid for what I really want to do so I went off on a tangent—perhaps if I had focused on writing and selling it with the same dogged determination I used to complete that course I would be a selling author by now.
If you have any comments I would love to hear them. If you would feel inclined to tweet me I would love that, and don’t worry there will never be any “Buy this” on this site. This is ours to share.