Saturday, August 16, 2014

Put yourself and Your Writing First

This is a tough one.

Can you do it? Can you put yourself and writing first?

“Well, I’ll do the dishes first.”

“The clothes need folded.”

The child wakes up, time to fix breakfast. He wants to use my computer.

These are the sort of things that peck at you, and you wonder if your writing is a waste of time after all. Who wants to read my words? And why am I expending all this energy putting words on a page when there are smarter, wiser, more skilled people doing it already.

Stop It!

Writing is your self-expression. It is your gift. Did Michelangelo say, “Whoops, my chisel slipped, guess I’m a lousy sculptor?” 

No, he said “If people knew how much I worked at this it wouldn’t be so wonderful.”

I didn’t know he said that. I figured he always knew he was a genius.

So, hop to. Get with it. Write!

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