Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The New York Times Best Sellers


This post is from  Marie’s Books 10/14/2013


"Do we really understand what the New York Times Best Seller means?  It is a list composed by The News Surveys department, not by the New York Times Book Review department and it is based on weekly sales reports obtained from selected samples of chain bookstores, independent book stores and wholesalers throughout the United States. The lists are divided between fiction & non-fiction, paper back, hard cover & E-books.

"What does this mean for writers? Well a Stanford Business School analysis found that the most of book buyers use the New York Times to guide them. This study helps us unknown writers get the biggest benefit from being on this list with the benefit of sales and exposure, while known authors like Nicholas Sparks will not see any benefit.  

"There was one set of authors who manipulated their books into the bestselling charts. They ordered over 10,000 copies of their books in small orders at different book stores. Their book climbed to #4 and sat there for 15 weeks before slowly making it #1 on The New York Times Best Sellers List. This is not illegal but considered unethical to publishers. Amazon also displays the best sellers list starting with the most popular book.

"So why am I writing this?  If you have an author friend/ relative and want to help them out, buy their book, tell a friend and ask them to buy and read their book. The more exposure you can help them with, just maybe they can be lucky enough to get on The New York Times Best Sellers List. Every writers DREAM."