Sunday, July 31, 2022


Don’t you sometimes want to throw yourself out of the clogged stream of life and into a raging river?


I bored myself with The Money Whisperer Newsletter, not the content but the idea of whispering. So, hells bells, SHOUT IT OUT.


Yep, horses respond to whispering. They are in tune with subtle clues. People, not so much.


I need a thump on the head sometimes, in this case, a SHOUT.


Time to get some Umph behind this whole idea of getting rich.


Don’t want it?




However, now that the Oregon Lottery has hit a Billion Bucks, I know that people want money and will pay for a chance to get it. 


You’re writers. You know the many drafts needed, so thanks for listening/reading. You know I love you.