Monday, July 5, 2021

May your rivers flow without end, meandering through pastoral valleys tinkling with bells, past temples and castles and poet’s towers into dark primeval forest where tigers belch, and monkeys howl…beyond that next turning of the canyon walls.”–Edward Abbey  

Quote from Where tigers Belch*


Here is the Intro to my book, I'm writing, Come Join me.


Good advice is often simply Giving Permission.

 I am, therefore, giving you good advice, “Write.” 

Write your heart out. Write whether anyone is reading it or not. The process will up your spirits, infuriate you, and give you an understanding of why you’re here.

 I can’t tell you how to write the Great American Novel, but I can motivate you to grab a pen and paper, a computer, whatever.  One author wrote a novel with a tablet on the edge of his swimming pool while standing in the water—lucky dog. I bet, though, he looked like a Shar-Pei when he climbed out.

 You can join the ranks of those who have touched our spirits, made us feel, laugh, cry, and who have, yes, taught us something. We loved them, we traveled the road with them, we re-read them.

 And I can set your feet on the trail toward a writing life by listing the ten very best books on writing.

 Those books were written by the masters. Read them all.

  But first, read mine.
 Thank you for being here.
 I appreciate you.
Much of the I 'm Writing book has been printed on this blog, so if you purchase the book, you will find repeats. However, I wanted you to know it is available on Amazon. I figured most of you who visit this site are writers so I wanted to share whatever I can with you. If you wouldn't mind sharing how you found me I'd appreciate it. 
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 I see you, but don't know how you found me. I am, however, grateful for your presence.


You could really help me if you feel so inclined by checking out, and reading my two books listed on Amazon. They are entered in a contest, and part of getting into the winners circle is by having my books read. Take you pick or choose both.  If you belong to Kindle Direct you can read them for free.


If you would like to give me feed back I would appreciate it. Both are fiction. *Where Tigers Belch by jewell d (that's me) is a novella of only 8,000+ words, and is about finding one's purpose. It was written over 12 months with an installment each month, and an exercise for me to keep going toward finding that elusive thing people are searching for.

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The other book  had 200 pages and is titled, The Girl on the Pier. Also by jewell d

Why in the world would a customer offer Two Million Dollars for a painting from an artist that had sold in the thousands, but never millions? And then when he views the painting he says, "But that is not the painting, there is another.""

Something is fishy.

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 I appreciate your reading and feedback.