Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bloggers, Come Hither

Bloggers: The advantage of not having a huge platform is that you can fail with grace.

You can work on becoming a better writer.  Your blog gives you an opportunity to to do that. To become better, you practice, you write about something close to your heart. 

You can research subjects you want to know more about. You can go where YOU have never gone before.

You can have a LIFE BLOG.  

A Life Blog might be interesting only to a select few, like people you know or family, but that reminds me of a story Jeff Goin’s told of a man with ten good friends. He loved them and would die for them, but he wanted more. He built up a following of thousands; he became a rock star, but soon found it had its downside. People wanted something from him, more that he could give. He felt trapped. So he sought out a few good friends, and found them to be his original ten.

One blogger, when asked how it felt to address thousands, said, “I only talk to my tribe.” Those were her few good friends. (For me you are the good guys.)

Bloggers, (and all writers) you ought to be proud of yourselves. You are not stuck to the television or the couch. You are pounding away daily at the keyboard, trying to influence, to make a difference, trying to hone your skills.

If you decide to blog about a “How-to” subject you will reach more people. It is your choice. But here you will need to establish yourself as some sort of expert. (I learned the definition of an expert in college. “X” equals an unknown, and “Spirt” is a drip under pressure.--Must have come from a disgruntled professor.)

Using his definition though, (a drip under pressure), I’m an expert.

We do, however, especially when we are starting out, want to know How- to do something. I know little about blogging. I just began one day, and kept on, what make me do it? I don’t know. Now, however,  I am wondering about how some people go wild with blog numbers, and others perk along in low gear. I want to know about their technique, their key to success.  And so on this blog I am seeking that unknown territory into writing and blogging. And seeking unknown territory, learning, is in my estimation, what life is about.

I have a friend who is interested in Quantum Physics and she researches it almost daily. It is her fascination, her interest, and she is becoming excellent at it.
Her enthusiasm is contagious.

So, let’s go wild. We need others in our camp who are upbeat, enthusiastic, and supportive.

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