Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bloggers, What Do We Do If Our Art Sucks?

Are You as Rankled As I Am?

It seems like a good idea doesn’t it, #blogging I mean?

It is your expression.

You want to make a difference.

Writing has you by the throat.

You want to become a better writer, and those little sound bites (aka #blogs) seem like a good way to do it. You want to connect, to share, to have a human exchange albeit through your keyboard, and those fabulous airways.

It isn’t that you want to be “I” all the time. That is spew out a stream of self-talk. You would like to hear what others think. You would like to ask the big questions, like what are you doing here? “Here?” I mean on this planet, here stretching paychecks, paying bills, driving car pools, shopping for groceries, dental visits dentists, pets to vets, and trying to keep some semblance of order in your house. You are even willing to get up at 4 A.M. to have some peace and quiet to write. You love that time. It is where you can be in the “Zone.”

Painters must feel this way, carpenters, others who work with their hands and minds, anything that excites them. That is art.

What do we do if our art sucks?

So, you look into the high rollers who have fabulous successful blogs. Wow, to make $100,000 a year, to quit your job, to write full time, you know, be your own boss .

“Work for yourself or make someone else rich by working for them.” We know the mantra.

A few people like you so they honor you by reading your material. Yet know all web searchers have their own issues, their mouse hovers over material waiting to find a kernel of truth, information, entertainment, something to grab their attention. On the other hand people Web surf looking for  a fix, something to solve their current problem.

You can’t blame them for not wanting to spend time with you.

So what are we to do?

Readers want information on how to make their lives work, or how to make their work work.  (Besides fixing that computer, car, oven refrigerator, etc.) Well, there’s entertainment too—think of all the gossip columns, they work. Think of all the sports events, they work. People want love advice, child rearing advice, blogging advice, depression-lifting advice, diet advice.  Advice, hum, maybe we’re onto something.

Should you give advice? What is your expertise?

So, back to your blog.

“Should I pay for advertising?”

“Am I into numbers when I should be into readers?”

“Is it content that moves a blog along or something else?”

It’s a mystery isn’t it?

I like personal experience blogs, like and going there, I find that her grandmother recently passed away at 95 and had been writing a blog of her early life—such as one in 1943 or 44 when her husband went to war and said, “Send Cigarettes,” but there were none to be bought. So her grandmother, Svensto, acquired tickets to a game show trying to win Chesterfield Cigarettes. (Sounds like an #I Love Lucy episode.)

Let’s be honest, this is troubling, frustrating, and downright irritating to know which way to go.

This isn’t about a silver lining. This is getting down to the nitty gritty of what works and what doesn’t. Maybe we don’t live as Shreve Stockton (Daily Coyote) does in the wilds of Wyoming and raise an orphaned coyote pup into a beautiful companion, plus take fabulous photographs to boot, but we have other adventures and skills, and a lifetime behind us. And remember, no academic paper as ever gone viral as a blog.

I am going to investigate this blogging phenomenon further. Want to come along?

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