Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everybody Has to start Someplace

Everybody has to start someplace…

On the last blog I attempted to begin a Sacred Wolf Pack, although I don’t think I explained it well. People seemed to think it took a lot of commitment, or they had to journal, or read the book that had spring-boarded me into action.

None of that is necessary.

You don’t have to read, live in the area, or want to write.

My purpose is to connect, to continue to grow, and to share ideas. Simple.

Just check in once in a while and respond to others in the wolf pack. I call it "The Sacred Wolf Pack" because of the trust we have imparted on each other, and at the heart is that feeling of synergy, that the pack is stronger than the lone wolf.

Simply scroll to the bottom of this page--keep going into the darker area, add a comment to the Chat Roll, and keep the conversation going.

Talk to Momma.
Love you,