Friday, March 3, 2017

Make a Splash!

Yesterday I attended the National Achievers Congress 2017 in Portland Oregon, with six speakers, all millionaires, with the calling card being Tony Robbins. 

"Find your nitch," the millionaire's told us.

"Rich people believe they can CREATE their lives."

"If you focus on Crap, you will become a crap magnet."

Expand your mind, Robert Herjavec of TV's Shark Tank told us. "You have to believe you can get there." 

You might have noticed that none of the Shark's have fancy degrees, People don't care, said Robert, they only care about what your results. 

"On the days when you see more problems than opportunity. Failure is in your body."

Say instead, "I'm wonderful. My job is to be a source of joy."—Robert H.

Said Gary Vaynerchuk::

  • Figure out what works for you. 
  • Find your voice, 
  • Give value. 

Steven Sitkowski's: "Keys to success:"

  • A burning desire
  • Specialized knowledge
  • Ability to take action

Notice that everybody wants to teach you.  You need to learn how to blog, to write, to learn grammar, have an editor, (Yep, I need one), and someone wants to sell you a Bootcamps on about every imaginable subject.  

Whoops, am I getting cynical? 

We can't blame people for wanting to make a living. I also believe that people, ingenious creatures that we are who have evolved for two million years, ought to be able to figure out some of these things on our own. The model now, I've noticed, is give free information, free books, free videos, free U-tubes—for an email address, then ASK for that person to buy whatever it is they are selling. 

Here I do not intend to teach, but rather to share what I have gathered. It is a buffet table, and you put on your plate only what suits you.

Ignore the sheep eyes—unless, of course, you like sheep eyes.

I love it. 

For you entrepreneurial writers, I have a tidbit for you:

Write a book of 80 to 100 pages and use it as a selling tool. It can be a giveaway for your business, and better than a business card. 

It gives you authority and authenticity.

This is from Gary Robert, publisher of  Black Card Books.    

"Turn your expectations to appreciation and your life will change."—Tony Robbins 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Let's Get Crackin'

One should be very careful with books, and what's inside them for they have the power to change us."  From a #Novelicious' tweet.

A couple of months ago as I was leaving for a #Tony Robbins event I grabbed a novel to read on the plane. It was #Rosamunde Pilcher’s The Shell Seekers.

I had already read it twice but figured since I hadn’t achieved her eloquence, I would read it another time. I wanted to visit Scotland and smell the wild Thyme again. I wanted to follow Penelope Keeling through her life again. So I read it a third time. Love, lovely Pilcher.

And yesterday, I picked up one of Pilcher's older books. The opening line didn’t have it. It sounded ordinary in comparison to her writing I had just read. It was a revelation.

People do not spring to life fully formed, they develop, they hone their skills. That is what Pilchers’s Publisher told her, That she hadn’t delivered the goods yet. And so she asked what he wanted. “A big fat book for women. A good read. Something to get the teeth into. And something, above all, that tap into the life and the experiences of her generation.”

So she delivered the goods, and The Shell Seekers hit the New York Times best seller list.

Okay, let’s get crackin.’

If it’s in your blood, write.

Write your goddamned book now.” wrote Dave Eggers,

"The world awaits."

#writing #storytelling 


Statisticians tell us that few people read anymore and that a non-fiction book might get 250 readers.

Do it anyway.

“Why do I care if I make a fool out of myself?” wrote Disney Imagineer Don Hahn “It’s called living, and while we are yet alive shouldn’t we do things that living people do? So embrace your inner idiot.”

Do it.

If you are worried about making a fool of yourself, watch a rerun of the 2017 Oscars—now that was embarrassing.

From The Shell Seekers:

Penelope’s daughter is speaking to the town vicar.

 “I don’t really understand why you should be so kind and accommodating. After all, we both know that my mother wasn’t a regular church-goer. She wasn’t ever very religious. And the idea of resurrection and afterlife she found very hard to swallow.”
 “I know that. Once we discussed it, but we came to no agreement.”
“I’m not ever certain that she believed in God.”
 Mr. Tillingham, still smiling, shook his head. Reached out his hand for the door handle of his car. “I wouldn’t worry too much about that. She may not have believed in God, but I’m pretty certain God believed in her.”

Live long and prosper and I would love it if you would follow me.


P.S. Today this blog has a mind of its own. the font will either yell at you or be so small you can't read it. See.